Candour Consulting was built to deliver bespoke marketing solutions to small businesses in Australia and worldwide. Authentic, frank and fresh - Candour Consultants are ready to tell how you how it is and WHY it is. Small business marketing can be frustrating when we lack the understanding of why we must perfect a brand.

A brand is nothing and no-one without a face and a personality. Candour Consulting focuses on helping YOU and your business bring your brand to life. From clients in both the B2B and B2C sector from swimwear, fashion, food, fitness and business services; Candour is prepared to deliver unique marketing solutions tailored to your needs (and a little of your wants).

We’re all about the Big C’s - communication, clarity, candour and collaboration. Things we aren’t about are conformity, compliance and common place. Because frankly, who wants to be like everyone else? Not us or you.

We're fostering connections and fostering a collective of people who enjoy working the way we do with brands we love.

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